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Name: William
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6/17/23 - first time keeping an update log, here's all of the things i did :D
Full redesign of home page, made it look more clean.
Changed the music Planning of making a more in depth about me page...

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Thoughts on the PS4
Let me get this out of the way before we go any further: I love my PS4. It was my first game console due to my parents being adament about me playing appropriate games but I am so glad I have it. My first experience with any kind of game console was playing Minecraft on my best friend's PS3. Ever since i have wanted a game console for myself. When i finally got my PS4 for my birthday, i would play on it all of the time. It is the best thing ever, and i know for a fact that many people will agree with me. Unfortunately, there are a few problems I have with it (as with anything), and i'd like to be able to share my thoughts and opinions on my favorite way to play games.
So first off i'd like to mention on one of my favorite aspects of the PS4: the variety of things that they offer. literally anytime i go onto the web store, BOOM! so many games and genres to check out. and you wanna know whats even better? Most of these games are on sale every 2 weeks or something! so it can be very nice to see the game you've been looking at for a while to be on sale. Another part of the PS4 that i like is the grip of the controllers. In my opinion, the controllers are WAY more comfortable than the XBOX's controllers. I notice that it's much easier to grip and have plasticity with your thumbs compared to other modern controllers. I like that aspect of it and it makes playing games on there a lot more fun.
Unfortunately, there are some things with the PS4 that I dislike and belive could use improvement. Not all things can be good and i understand that in order to enjoy the good things, you need to comprehend the bad things as well.
One part of the PS4 that i find frustrating is the inability to play games older that the PS3. It just seems odd that a company would refuse to honor and allow others to play older games as well as newer ones. I guess they just want to make more money, which is disappointing but not surprising. This inablity makes it harder and more expensive to play older PS games as well, which feels criminal. I want to be able to play Spyro without having to buy a new disc, is that such a crime? Another thing that I dislike about the PS4 is the overall style of it. Okay, I know this might be biased, but to me the style of the PS4 home screen feels so bland and flat. I wish everything there wasn't so oversimplified. It feels like something is missing, or just flat-out boring. I think the design team could do a bit better in adding in some personality, or a theme to it that doesn't look incredibly flat. Like I said before, this is probably another biased take. But hey, it's a blog!
Overall, I think the PS4 is a great game console. It's easy to navigate, understand, and play on. Although there may be some issues I have with it, my PS4 will always have a place in my heart.